Erf 888-889 Orange Grove part of commune debate but we Win the first round

Attached is the reply from the CoJ Dept of Development Planning and Urban Management. Marian Laserson attended the hearing on behalf of OGRA. We object to the removal of restrictions that relate to the sale of liquor ie: Condition (a) in all title deeds in Orange Grove. You will see that the Condition (a) had been retained and the council is taking note of the OGRA policy. Many restrictive conditions in our title deeds are outdated EXCEPT condition (a). To date we have won all Town Planning Hearings relating to the ROR(Removal of Restrictions). We have several more Town Planning Hearings 888-889 OG win for OGRAcoming up and in all cases there is a suspicion that if the removal of condition (a) is approved then a shebeen will be your new neighbour.


About OGRA

Roger Chadwick is the Chairman of the Orange Grove Residents Assn. Chairman of the Sector Crime Forum , Sectors 2&4 He is a Community activist Over 50 and I will never give up fighting for our communities We must live in peace and dignity. Respect has become an alien word in our country and it must be embedded in our society again.
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