Slum at # 20 Second Ave/1st Street Orange Grove,Council toothless

health by-laws pestserf 529erf 528 owner20 2nd str.Orange grove feedback report 18 September2012

From OUR Public Health By Laws:
“Every person has a constitutional right to an environment that is not harmful to his
or her health or well-being and to have access to sufficient water and the Council
has a constitutional duty to strive, within its financial and administrative capacity,
to promote a safe and healthy environment”.
Erf 528-529 Orange Grove

I refer to the article in this week’s NE Trib that refers to a property we have been trying to get action on since 2009. We have a large body of correspondence about this property.
Attached are the ownership details from Windeed and these are “public domain”. We have had sight of the CoJ accounts arrears on both properties ,erf 529 and erf 528 Orange Grove total R1,014,650.00 to date.
There are three possible scenarios (1, if there is no outstanding bond owing to ABSA on the properties then ABSA is out of the picture. (2, ( regardless) the onus is now on the CoJ to take responsible action to claim the arrears and institute legal action. (3, if both the bond and rates are in arrears then ABSA and CoJ are culpable .
OGRA never stated that the owner was dead, we stated that she (not he) was untraceable through our channels. Mr. Mafunzwaini of ABSA claims that the owner is alive and has been informed of her duties. Indeed there has been a cursory cleanup ( by a resident, not owner) as per the Environmental Health letter of 22, August 2012. The attached .jpg is of a faeces & fly infested part of the property. Rats scurried for cover as we entered the gate.
I challenge the owner Dolores Rokos, Mr. Mafunzwaini of ABSA and Environmental Health to meet OGRA and the Ward Committee on site to see for themselves the disgusting conditions that prevail. The surrounding property owners are enduring inhuman, unsanitary and dangerous conditions .Is it not time that the CoJ Revenue Dept collected?

The report by Mandisa Zulu, attached, I dispute. I believe that resolution of this is the single most important issue we have.
It is obvious that the photos were taken by Mandisa to illustrate a point of view< however if the passage pic is enlarged one can clearly see the jerry-built sewage out-pipe as in my pic. Mandisa cleverly avoids the pile of rubbish next to the wall with Dumisani. The rest of the mess by the double story as I have illustrated has been ignored< . Where the arrears figure of R80,000.00 comes from I have no idea. The documents in my possession clearly state the correct arrears amounts.


About OGRA

Roger Chadwick is the Chairman of the Orange Grove Residents Assn. Chairman of the Sector Crime Forum , Sectors 2&4 He is a Community activist Over 50 and I will never give up fighting for our communities We must live in peace and dignity. Respect has become an alien word in our country and it must be embedded in our society again.
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1 Response to Slum at # 20 Second Ave/1st Street Orange Grove,Council toothless

  1. Maro says:

    The owner Dolores Rokos,
    Clean up your act. You are an embarrassment to yourself and those living next to this hell hole.
    Why don’t you move in there and see what it is like.
    There is no excuse that you might have to have let this go on for so long.
    You are causing the collective area fall into a slum. People have invested millions in their properties surrounding yours, all to have it devalued by your reckless and no care attitude.
    Whatever befalls you because of this is well deserved !

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