the great commune debate

There is room for discussion on the issue.

  1. When is an accommodation establishment a commune? and vice versa.
  2. What are the bylaws on both?
  3. Does Orange Grove need  Communes or Accommodation Establishments ?
  4. Does the Commune Policy extend beyond tertiary education areas?
  5. What has OGRA discussed with landlords?
  6. What has OGRA discussed with Development Planning?
  7. OGRA will interface and advise  any owner prepared to go the legal route.
  8. Conversely we will work to close down the bad & ugly.

These are some of the questions I hope to answer over the next few weeks

ORANGE GROVE  does need decent,well run, well maintained accommodation . BUT not overcrowded health hazards. We will highlight the good, bad & ugly.

Please let me know of overcrowded rundown houses by posting on this blog


About OGRA

Roger Chadwick is the Chairman of the Orange Grove Residents Assn. Chairman of the Sector Crime Forum , Sectors 2&4 He is a Community activist Over 50 and I will never give up fighting for our communities We must live in peace and dignity. Respect has become an alien word in our country and it must be embedded in our society again.
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1 Response to the great commune debate

  1. OGRA says:

    Once the GIS is up and running I will investigate< Raul give me house numbers to my personal email address

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