Places of Public Worship & Losers Chapel & the religion syndrome

Being sparse with the truth appears to be a requirement to have a “place of public worship” Maybe the management( term used loosely ) has been schooled in obfuscation as a requirement to obtain the godly diploma that confers the right to hoodwink the populace and Council AND the POLICE of all persuasions < What is it that so emasculates JMPD and SAPS when they are called to deal with “religious issues” ?? Do they think that some divinity  will strike them blind or dead if they dare to enforce noise bylaws.Not that that matters>>since the divinity invasion  along Louis Botha Ave appears to have struck the fear of  some obscure Nigerian deity into the hearts of our enforcers. They are powerless in the face of these demigods. Electronic Jesus blasters rule our suburbs, saints direct traffic and fill takeout parking lots with the hundreds of milling worshipers . And the residents suffer without the succor of absolution. What will Christmas bring to Louis Botha Ave?? To 9th street, 10th Street, to 11th street and all points of the compass> is any deity all-powerful??? but>> merciless to our residents who only want peace & quiet.
The Good News is that Winners lost their application for the “relaxation of Parking” so it is illegal to use the Doll House parking lot for their congregants BUT since there is no enforcement the whole issue becomes a lot of hot air> coming up is the court case >The Council interdict is being challenged by Winners. Much to be expected. May Winners be the losers and may residents resume their constitutional right to live in peace & quiet and enjoy the amenity of their residential investment in our suburb.


About OGRA

Roger Chadwick is the Chairman of the Orange Grove Residents Assn. Chairman of the Sector Crime Forum , Sectors 2&4 He is a Community activist Over 50 and I will never give up fighting for our communities We must live in peace and dignity. Respect has become an alien word in our country and it must be embedded in our society again.
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